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LORC tests and demonstrates technology for harvesting renewable energy offshore

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Meeting industry’s needs for environmental testing of large components for offshore use is now one step closer with the ordering of a climatic chamber for a new LORC test centre.

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Function Tester:

Tests including the hub

The Function Tester of LORC is focused on testing the influence of the internal and external electrical dynamics on the complete nacelle, including the hub.

Wind turbines are electrically controlled and regulated by numerous complex and fast reacting control and protection systems that monitor and react to both external conditions such as grid and wind speed signals, as well as internal conditions such as generator speed, temperatures in thermally sensitive components, oil flow ratings, etc.

The way that a given wind turbine responds to any foreseen or unforeseen event will be revealed by running tests on the Function Tester, and the test possibilities are almost unlimited – the customer has free choice as to which combinations of normal, abnormal or extreme circumstances are to be applied to the product while testing with high accelerations/decelerations from the direct drive motor.

An adaptor allows for tests with the hub and hence the blade pitch system to be operational during testing 

Furthermore, the Function Tester is a test facility where international grid codes can be tested in combination with rapidly changing wind speed conditions, which characterize offshore locations in particular.  Electrical malfunctions and turbine protection systems have historically led to unforeseen excessive loadings of mechanical components and thereby reduced expected, calculated life-time. At LORC Nacelle Testing it is possible to verify the stress levels under numerous different load cases, thereby gaining more confidence in the product, and in the long term improving reliability. 

By testing control and protection systems, the customer will be able to measure the influences on mechanical components and thereby transfer those measurements into more detailed, dedicated and single-component oriented test sequences on load carrying components like main bearings, yawing systems, gearboxes etc. Hence single component testing will be realistic and take external conditions into account as well.

As for the HALT tester, the Function Tester will also include the possibility of thermal testing of the nacelle. Download the technical specifications here.

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