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LORC tests and demonstrates technology for harvesting renewable energy offshore

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Meeting industry’s needs for environmental testing of large components for offshore use is now one step closer with the ordering of a climatic chamber for a new LORC test centre.

Read more about the environmental testing of structures here




Industrialization is crucial

Despite more than 20 years of experience with production and installation of wind power plants offshore, the wind power industry is still at an early stage of development. This is why LORC aims to support industrialization including test & demo in all our research, development and innovation activities.

LORC aims at repeating the industrial adventure of renewable energy from onshore turbines by regarding the offshore industry as unique. Generating offshore renewable energy is not a simple question of adapting onshore turbines to offshore conditions or transferring experiences from the oil and gas industry. Harvesting of energy offshore is a unique business, and LORC aims to accelerate its development in cooperation with researchers, advisors and manufacturing businesses.

At LORC, industrialization is very much about new methods for mass production. It is about working smarter, about cutting costs by 40% and about creating new technology and solutions. It is very much about standardization, addressing concrete challenges such as marine conditions, corrosion, and reliability issues.

LORC has research, development and innovation activities in all its test centres:

Lindoe Welding Technology, co-owned with FORCE Technology, is a commercial fabrication lab providing an open facility where industry and academia are able to gain hands-on experience with a 32 kW high-power laser system. Lindoe Welding Technology is focusing on new production methods that can reduce material and energy costs. Research & development focuses on laser based welding in heavy steel, allowing higher welding speeds as well as stronger welds. Read more here.

LORC Component and Substructure Testing is under establishment with the first phase of construction resulting in a strong floor for large-scale mechanical testing of materials, foundation structures and components. In addition, LORC plans to build a very large climatic chamber for the testing of cooling systems, transformers, hydraulic systems, generators, gears, etc. Research & development and innovation will be focussed on developing stronger and cheaper components for offshore power plants. Read more here.

LORC Nacelle Testing is a two test-dock design for testing of wind turbines with a power output up to 10 MW. LORC Nacelle Testing offers the most advanced and realistic tests of large wind turbines, uniquely including the hub. Research is being conducted in collaboration with universities and industry to develop test schemes allowing for higher predictability for failures as well as more effective integration of excessive wind energy into transmission grids. Read more here.

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