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Capacity Factor by Commissioned Sites



The table shows the annual capacity factor from individual offshore wind farms. The coverage is currently all offshore wind farms in Denmark, Finland, Germany*, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom. Production details are generally available from first power generated to present. We are continuously working on expanding and extending the coverage, which is around 70% for the time being. All production data is gathered from primary sources within the energy sector.  

The Average (%)-column on the right is the overall average capacity factor from each site. Capacity factors are calculated for fully commissioned sites and only based on a full year of generation. The Average-row in the bottom of the table shows the average capacity factor year-by-year.

Click on the column header to sort out the data differently and click on the offshore wind farm name to see further information about the site.

All statistics are instantly generated from the at any time, updated information in the Offshore Wind Farms Map.

*Germany is fully covered except the two demonstration turbines: Breitling Demonstration and Ems Emden  

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