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About the Offshore Wind Farms Map

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Sunday 13. March 2011 - 2 comments on this article

The Offshore Wind Farms Map provides a global overview of offshore wind farms. Each wind farm is provided with a detailed datasheet with general and technical information about the wind farm and installed turbines. The database contains a total of 5000+ individual pieces of information and photos, layouts, power curves and more from each site. 

The database covers all offshore wind farms - commissioned and under installation. 

All data is retrieved from public, accessible primary sources on the Internet and through our network and contacts. We have and will invest considerable efforts in choosing reliable sources to achieve the highest possible quality of the content.

Explore the interactive Offshore Wind Farms Map or access the full list of Offshore Wind Farms.

The provided datasheets may contain information that is ambiguous or in need of correction. We encourage all users to contact us on should they have comments or suggest corrections. All feedback is much appreciated. 

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Mads Kromann-Larsen | 10. Jun. 2011 | 09:28
@Arne Sørensen, JD-Contractor. Thank you for adding information to the map. The information will be updated shortly
Feed back and supplementary information
Arne Sørensen | 10. Jun. 2011 | 08:54

Horns Rev 1 Export cable:       Installer was JD-Contractor A/S for Nexans Norway. Installation vessel was C/B Henry P. Lading.

Horns Rev 1 Infield cable:       Installer of 14.000 meters of infield cables was JD-Contractor A/S for Global Marine. Installation vessel was C/B Henry P. Lading.

JD-Contractor A/S carried out the embedding of 52.000 meters of infield cable for Global Marine with the vessels M/S Honte and M/S Cable One.

Horns Rev 2 Export Cable:   JD-Contractor installed the near shore 3 kilometer of the export cable. Embedding of the Export cable was carried out by JD-Contractor A/S

Baltic 1 Export Cable:          Laying of 5 out of 7 sections of the export cable, jointing of the sections, pre-excavating and embedding of the whole cable was carried out by JD-Contractor A/S for NKT cables Germany.

Baltic 1 infield cables:           All infield cables was laid out and protected by JD-Contractor A/S for NKT cables Germany.

Nysted 1 export cables         JD-Contractor did the pre-excavating and embedding of the export cables and links across Guldborgsund and Storstrømmen. Moving of the cable and pulling up in the Trafo, preparations and pulling ashore on all landings. Laying and protection of FO cable along the export cable from Vantore to Trafo platform.

Middelgrunden Export cable:  JD-Contractor did the laying and embedding of the export cable from C/B Henry P. Lading and M/S Honte.


Best regards

Arne Sørensen


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