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LORC tests and demonstrates technology for harvesting renewable energy offshore

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Meeting industry’s needs for environmental testing of large components for offshore use is now one step closer with the ordering of a climatic chamber for a new LORC test centre.

Read more about the environmental testing of structures here




Read the full pdf-version of: OceanWise 2011, no. 2 - November Issue

  1. “Why and not just how” is a very simplified description of the philosophy behind the testing and demonstration center LORC, Lindoe Offshore Renewables Center. Acting CTO, Claus Kurt Christensen explains.
  2. Although the Siemens Wind Power strategy is to use proven technology to the greatest possible extent, the ramp-up and any new turbine type inherently holds a number of risks. Testing is a key measure in minimizing these risks...
  3. Reliability and predictability are key words for the Vestas test program. With the new V164-7.0 MW, Vestas has designed a turbine specifically made for offshore power generation. The mega-turbine is now ready for the second level of the test program – the testing of sub-systems.
  4. Vestas Wind Systems’ test program has several phases, ranging from the critical component level through to the testing of main components/sub-systems, systems, the whole turbine and finally the whole offshore power plant generating renewable power.
  5. Central sub-systems by Tea Tramontana
    Some of the turbine sub-systems
  6. Although wind turbine companies put a lot of resources into developing their own test facilities, Delta test institute is not worried about business. Test methods are getting more and more complex . OceanWise takes the pulse of a business area that has been growing steadily over the past few years.
  7. The power of the purchaser by Anne Korsgaard
    Reliability rocks: the utility purchaser has the hard but interesting task of assessing the reliability of new technological concepts with no de facto track record. But how do utilities evaluate a design? OceanWise popped the question to two of the most experienced utilities in green energy in the world: Vattenfall and Dong Energy.
  8. Testing is an old and renowned skill in the car industry. One of the big manufacturers shares their experience and points out three trends for testing.
  9. It is more expensive to do a job wrong than it is to do it right, and it is more expensive to make a product un-reliable than it is to make it reliable. What do you think about that? Do I have the words backwards or is this the real truth when one looks at the total life cycle costs?
  10. The world’s first commercial tidal turbine, SeaGen, is now in its third year of operations, producing up to 5000MWh per year. This will open up oceans and attract investment for this novel method of clean electricity generation.
  11. Even though technologies to reuse or recycle wind turbine blades exist they are rarely utilized.
  12. Politicians, utilities, and technicians: Everybody agrees that the Cost of Energy (CoE) from offshore wind must be reduced. OceanWise takes a closer look at how the drivetrain can be improved with solutions that fit into both new and existing wind turbines.
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