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LORC tests and demonstrates technology for harvesting renewable energy offshore

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Meeting industry’s needs for environmental testing of large components for offshore use is now one step closer with the ordering of a climatic chamber for a new LORC test centre.

Read more about the environmental testing of structures here




From shipyard to offshore renewables

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onsdag 20. april 2011

A new industrial facility has entered the expanding market of offshore renewables. And not just any facility: One of Europe’s largest shipyards, Odense Steel Shipyard, is now gradually turning into a ‘Green Valley’. Here, the world’s largest container vessels have been built. That era is coming to an end as the shipyard is downsizing and closing in the spring of 2012. Thereby changing its name to Lindø Industrial Park, space and facilities are now open for the green offshore industry to rent. The Lindoe Offshore Renewables Center (LORC) was established here in 2009 and contributes to the turnaround.

This could be monopiles. Halls and cranes are dimensioned for the world’s largest container vessels. Thus many of the structures for offshore renewables – if not all – can immediately be produced here. Photo: Lars Skaaning

It lifts almost anything. With its capacity of 1000 tonnes, the gantry crane at Odense Steel Shipyard/Lindø Industrial Park can take a standard jacket in a single hoist. The hall has a retractable roof for lifting structures in and out. The dry dock is the size of six soccer fields. In the background one can see the rest of the 1,000,000 m2 large Industrial Park. Photo: Lindø Industrial Park

Skilled workers. Thousands of highly specialized employees in steel, welding and similar processing are found in the area. Photo: Lars Skaaning

Kamag trolleys can move large structures from place to place during construction, i.e. from welding to painting. They carry up to 550 tonnes each, and can be connected for larger structures. Photo: Lars Skaaning

166,000 m2 is under roof in Lindø Industrial Park. This hall is 47 meters tall. Almost every hall has overhead cranes. Some of them lift up to 700 tonnes. Photo: Hans Hunderup

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