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LORC tests and demonstrates technology for harvesting renewable energy offshore

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Meeting industry’s needs for environmental testing of large components for offshore use is now one step closer with the ordering of a climatic chamber for a new LORC test centre.

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LORC Component & Structure Testing

The LORC Component & Structure Testing Centre focuses on mechanical and climatic testing of such areas as foundations’ joints, experiments with new design rules, corrosion protection testing, etc.

The LORC Component & Structure Testing Centre is established in cooperation with industrial partner FORCE Technology.  

Mechanical Testing:
With the aim of addressing practical challenges in the offshore wind turbine sector, the LORC Component & Structure Testing Centre is establishing a strong floor for large-scale mechanical testing of materials, foundation structures and components. The facility allows for static and dynamic testing and identification of structures’ strength and durability.

The strong floor will have a number of generic load frames and actuators for static tension/compression, cyclic loading, bending and torsion. The set-up includes modularized and flexible anchorage points for clamping and hydraulic equipment intended for static and dynamic loading.


  • Loads and forces applied to simulate realistic offshore conditions.
  • Strong floor measures 20 x 9 meters.
  • 22 meters of 4 meter high reaction walls.
  • Actuator capacities in the MN regime.


Climatic Testing:
The LORC Component & Structure Testing Centre establishes a climatic chamber for exposure of structures and components to varying climatic conditions, primarily low and high temperatures, temperature cycles and corrosive environments. This can be used for the testing of cooling systems, transformers, hydraulic systems, generators, gears, etc.


  • Very large components’ functionality at extreme conditions like offshore.
  • Only commercially available climate chamber in Northern Europe with combination of temperature, humidity and corrosive environment.
  • Climate chamber: 14 x 8 x 8 meters.
  • Temperature: -38ºC to +60ºC.
  • Humidity control: 10% to 100% relative humidity.
  • Salt spray simulating offshore corrosive environment.

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